Unleashing the power of collaboration

As a certified Miro partner, we advise and support companies in the effective use of the collaboration solution. Through consulting, workshop facilitation and solution building, we develop customised use cases. We also provide training and support to ensure a smooth introduction.

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Why implement Miro with AMX

Miro does not have to be complicated. By implementing with AMX, you benefit from our extensive experience. We help you integrate Miro seamlessly into your workflows. By adapting it to your individual requirements and business processes, you maximise effectiveness for optimal results.

Werner Decker

AMX is one of our best Expert Partners in Europe. AMX consultants and facilitators are highly motivated and experienced. They inspire entire teams for online collaboration and guarantee that every team member benefits from working with Miro.

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Werner Decker

Miro Board
What is Miro?

The online whiteboard for real-time collaboration

Miro is a fast, free and easy-to-use digital whiteboard.

With an infinitely expandable and zoomable online whiteboard, it helps you gather ideas, work out strategies, organise tasks and collaborate with your team.

If you want to shape the future with new ideas and visions, you focus on collaboration and the exchange of values and opinions within the team.

Use Cases

Miro use cases that we realise with you

Workshops & Meetings

With Miro, virtual as well as physical workshops and meetings can be mapped completely digitally. Participants can collect ideas remotely, comment and follow the discussion in real time.

Idea generation & Brainstorming

Miro offers ideal conditions for creative brainstorming sessions. Various idea boards and features such as sticky notes, sketches or images allow inspiration to be gathered and new concepts to be developed in groups.

Mapping & Diagramming

With flexible canvas, shapes, arrows and text, Miro enables the creation of appealing mind maps, organisational charts, user journeys and process flows. Complex interrelationships can thus be visualised easily.

Agile Workflows

With digital boards and planning poker, Miro supports agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban and Design Thinking. Project progress, tasks and feedback can be tracked transparently for all team members.

Strategy & Planning

Teams large and small use Miro to develop annual goals, roadmaps and innovative approaches. Through parallel work and feedback loops, convincing strategy and business plans emerge.

Research & Design

User interviews, personas and prototypes can be modelled in detail in Miro. This way, all stakeholders are involved in the design process at an early stage and important decisions are made together.